Too Many Choices

Every day, the same question: What should I eat? It’s a common dilemma, one I know I’m not alone in facing. Occasionally, a craving strikes, and I know exactly what to prepare. But more often than not, I find myself spending an unnecessary amount of time pondering this seemingly trivial decision.

Take today, for instance. In my fridge, I spot three eggs. Now comes the internal debate: one, two, or all three? And if not all, which one to use? Boil or fry? Five minutes in, I’m still undecided. “Maybe I’ll check some lunch recommendations on my phone,” I think to myself, well aware that I shouldn’t be taking this long.

Time and energy, both finite resources, are something we can’t afford to squander. Life presents us with a multitude of choices, big and small, each with its own set of consequences. Opting for a boiled egg takes longer, but it’s the healthier choice. Not that a pan-fried egg is bad, but everything in life is a trade-off.

It’s crucial to recognize that time only moves forward, from past to present, and on to the future. The decisions we make today, be they about work, friends, or family, shape our trajectory. Even small choices have an impact. Just as dedicating an hour a day to reading and writing yields more insights and blog posts than spending the same time on other pursuits, it’s the small things that truly matter in the long run.

If I can allocate less energy to these minor decisions and more to taking significant strides toward a better future, why wouldn’t I? Establishing this as a daily practice is challenging, but if I can improve myself by just 1% each day, I’ll be a vastly better person in a week, a year, and five years from now. My current self is the product of my past behaviors, which means my future self will be shaped by my present choices. If I’m not content with who I am today, it’s time to step up and make those 1% changes. Aim modestly, to ensure long-term success.

I’m committed to making each day more meaningful and productive. Someday, I’ll look back and say, “Realizing that small choices and behaviors can change my life was a game-changer.” These little changes will compound, growing bigger and more impactful, much like a snowball rolling downhill. I’m ready to start rolling my own snowball.

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12 September 2023